So I finally got my face beat!! I am super super elated as a result. Make-up  has been a journey of self discovery. I only started applying things in my first year of campus. When it comes to it, I am very subtle … and by subtle I mean just highlighting my eyes, having some powder on because I have combination skin and finally slapping some color on my lips. Lately, however, there’s been a hunch to try on some bold looks.

I have never tried full on make up so when a childhood friend of mine (Janet Kamau) reached out to me for a collaboration on a shoot as my make-up artist, I was all game. I mean who would say no to being pampered considering this would the second time I get full on make up on my skin? It was perfect timing as I was looking for a makeup artist for my style shoots. While she was working her magic on my face, I was like an inquisitive child making sure to absorb all the knowledge I could.

I took a glimpse at the mirror, and came short of words! My jaw dropped which was quickly followed by an out pour of praise adjectives that came to mind. I honestly used to be one of those people who would go on like ‘a lady doesn’t really need make-up to look good.’ After this  experience, I stand corrected. I now get it. Its solely about what it does to your confidence and personality. You feel great when you know you look great. You feel empowered. I honestly felt like I could achieve anything handed to me for the day.

I will be sharing with you the full look on another post but in the meantime enjoy these shots. What are your thoughts on make-up? Would love to hear from you so do leave a comment below. Stay blessed!

Photography: Nalaayieta

Makeup : Shishikamau

Earrings :Selahcollections

Headwrap: TuzoIscah



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  1. Glad to see you grow. And its true; when you look and feel good about yourself, you can conquer anything that comes your way.

  2. great shots and great make up. I am one guy that is in the make up camp. I think it enhances a lady’s beauty. Watu wa natural priss.. spare us. Anyway, great post right here.

  3. Excellent work right there.Make up not only enhances beauty but gives you confidence as well.Looking forward to more of this.

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