One thing i know about standing out in the hair department is  by ; a) making a common hair style with a twist and (b) adding a unique hair accessory to it. On today’s post i will be sharing on the later, how you can make a simple hair accessory in less that a minute.

You will need:

Bobby pins

Small buttons


Now the process is just too simple i will not bore you with a long list of pointers. You just slip the  buttons right through the bobby pins and you are good to go! The only thing you need to make sure is that you secure the buttons because they end up turning to the wrong side.

I wanted to make today’s post really short and precise so that you get the simplicity of it :). You can try out with different colored buttons that will compliment your outfit and feel free to tag me on instagram  @myselahke. Thank you for stopping by. Stay blessed.

Photography by Kayuyumwaura

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