Isn’t it interesting how the weather has been pulling some surprise stunts lately? I mean one day its so chilly in the morning that you leave the house with layers upon layers of garments, only for the sun to un-apologetically announce its presence before midday with the scorching heat. All in all i hope you are getting better at predicting the weather with the appropriate attire for the day.

Black is the new black. You can never go wrong with an all black outfit and the most amazing thing about it is its perfect for all body shapes. It gives an all slimming effect on any body shape and i like how it gives an element of mystery . Its also perfect on all skin tones and hair color.  Its that good 😉

However, i always en devour to make any outfit look different by adding a little spin to it. Here are a few  tips on how to make your all black outfit more edgier:

1.Add a pop of color: A black outfit is the perfect canvas to play around with color. You can achieve this by either using various accessories and or make-up of choice. For this outfit i chose a floral clutch and a bright colored lipstick.

2.Vary with different textures: According to the weather, try mixing up different texture and see how they contrast to create a perfect look. You can play around with hard and soft textures for example i paired a tweed coat (quite heavy fabric) with a chiffon top and i like how they blended.

3.Introduce a print to the outfit: I for one chose to wear monochrome wedges instead of a black pair of boots as it adds some edge and you just have to notice its presence. You can also incorporating  using graphic prints on your outfit.


4.Its all about the fit: Like i said an all black outfit is a perfect canvas, hence if there are any fit issues with your outfit they will definitely be noticed. Trust me. So ensure the garments fit you well in all the nice places.

5.Play around with volumes: Get outfits in different shapes and volumes and mix them up. Its easy to chose black outfits that all fit you the same way, but to create that edginess you have to go the extra mile. I for one paired  a loose top and fitted tights with a pair of wedges and layered it off with the coat to create balance.


I hope these tips help you in one way or another. What other tips would you add to my list? Do leave a comment below. As always,stay blessed:)



Photography by Kayuyumwaura

Top and coat  : Thrifted

Shoes: Gift

Clutch: Blackflydesigns

Earrings : Selahcollection


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