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Each time as i walk by the streets of Nairobi, i am always in awe at how fashion is so repetitive when i see how different people express fashion through retro pieces. Not that its a bad thing but it just goes to show that we can predict the future trends. Sometimes i wonder what comes to our parents mind when they see their children rocking  the ‘latest trends’ which were their everyday outfits. Maybe they usually go like..’done that!’ I think it humors them.

Anyway i decided to bring back the ninety’s look by combining these retro pieces, ie, a crop top, high waist pants and a brown leather jacket on . I added a pair of sunglasses just to spice up the outfit and finished off with a pair of sneakers. I am always all about easy and comfortable outfits that you just thrown on and you are good to go chill out with friends or run errands.

This is a new segment on my blog where i will be showing you looks that i have styled. Lets journey on into my new found passion, shall we?
What other nineties pieces tickle your fancy? Let me know in the comments below.

Styling: Myselahke Photography: Lawren Model: Tabzshiku Top/Pants/Jacket: Thrifted Shoes: Adidas Sunglasses: forevertrendy22retro, high waist pantsretro, high waist pants, croptopretro, crop top

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