Hello there! How are you? I hope you are catching up on all the goals you set at the beginning of the year and at least trying to achieved most of them. Time really flies, doesn’t it? We are slowly coming to a close of the year. Anyway speaking of goals, venturing into the styling world was never included in my year’s list. I actually thought i would do it in years to come. It has however came sooner than i had expected.

On the last post, you can click here if you missed it, i decided to bring you in on the start of my styling journey . Incase i have never mentioned, I studied fashion design and marketing as my undergrad and immediately after my last exams, an opportunity to work for one of the best designers i have ever met at Blackfly Designs came knocking. I did not hesitate to grab it. After working for a year as her assistant, i noticed that along the way i lost the inspiration and was just putting in effort into something i was really not passionate about. I however enjoyed the marketing and sales aspect but i happened to be working more in the design department. After much thought and consideration, i took a very huge leap of faith and decided to quit my job in July this year. This is one of the biggest decisions i have made this year but you know what? I am glad i did. Why? Because it has challenged me to look inside and see what i am really passionate about.

I must say i was a bit skeptical of sharing my work because of the thoughts of,’what if people don’t like how style’. But i reminded myself of some quote i once read that goes something like ;’ if you rely on man’s approval to exist you will die of his disapproval’ . I decided to be motivated by the price of winning instead of the fear of defeat. Journey with me as i learn more, practice more and share my work with you. 🙂

Here is a look i put together for my beautiful friend who, by the way, made the perfect muse. All the outfit i used i picked up from her closest, just to show you that sometimes you don’t really have to keep buying new stuff as you can use what you have to achieve a certain look. I went for a high waist pencil skirt paired with a sleeveless floral crop top that she could wear for a meet up with the girls for brunch. This combination will also be spot on for work but that would require a cover up with a blazer jacket. I accessorized with a pair of cute sunglasses and some nude heels.

Tip: A pencil skirt is a simple staple piece in your wardrobe that could serve you a long way as it can be styled in so many ways.

What major decision have had to make this year? Do share with me on the comment below because i would also like to learn from you. Thanks for stopping by and as always stay blessed!

Styling: Myselahke Photography: Lawren Model: Tabzshiku Top: Thrift Pencil skirt: Mr price Shoes: Fashion Re-born Sunglasses: Forevertrendy




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