Hello lovely people!! I am so excited about this new segment on my blog.  I’ll be featuring remarkable people who are incredibly gifted and are not shying away from using their gifts to produce their best.

Meet Ronny Randa, the artist behind these amazing art works. I bet you have one or more people in your life who just make the day worth while with some jokes, well he is that guy.He started drawing Pokemon and, if you were in my childhood in this part of the world i am sure you’d recall ‘Baabu’ the comic that used to be on the newspapers. The passion for art grew over the years. He, however majored in Marketing while doing his Business Commerce degree but would still slot in time to do some portraits as a side business. He later figured why not turn his hobby into a full time business? And that’s what he did after he graduated. He started his company called Randa Portraits and his specialty are portraits done in pencil, charcoal and colored pencils and i must day they are breathtaking.

He also offers a gift package that accompanies a portrait so in case you want one made for a loved one now you know who to contact. Thank me later 😀 So what is the future for him? He aims at learning more on hyper realism art and working on becoming the best at it. I am pretty sure the sky is no limit for him.

Do you do amazing work with your gifting and you would like to share your story? Email me here and sooner than later we will be reading about you. As always stay blessed.

Photos by: Mwasphotography

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  1. this is a brilliant idea to start this segement on your blog Pesh. Trust me, it’s not(and won’t be) just but mere posts on amazing artists among us, but great motivation through their journey in doing what really sets their souls ablaze.

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