Lately i have been indulging myself into lots of reading. Reason being? One i now have ample time on my hands and two i really have to be on a knowledge diet for the near future business plans that i have, you know the ‘if you are not planning then you are planning to fail’ sorta thing.

About two weeks ago i was having small talk with a friend of mine, which later progressed into deep stuff, and she shared with me all about her daily routines. One which really inspired me is that she sets a daily target of reading a chapter or two from one of her three monthly book reads. You should have seen the expression on my face! My mind was having multiple monologues which went on something like ‘..when was the last time you finished a book? Remember the book  you started reading weeks ago , or was it months ago…’  as she explained further how she does it. My competitive juices went shooting to the roof and i decided to put myself up on a monthly book challenge, for a change of course.

I settled on these three :

  • Blue Ocean Strategy : How to create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant.
  • Instyle Secrets of Style : A classic on styling
  • The Power of your Mind : Learn how to walk in divine excellence and transform your world through the power of a renewed mind.(a must read!)

I must say i am loving the weather lately as its just perfect for a cup of tea as i read myself away. So far i am done with one book, two more to go. I hereby challenge you to start on at least one, or more if you are as super  ambitious as i am:D I sure would fancy  more suggestions on books that i can add to my shelf so feel free to drop them comments below. Stay blessed!


Photos by Ben

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  1. Starting a book n finishing it is quite the commitment. Im going to push myself to finish the ones ive started. Thanks!

  2. Wonderful advice am one of the people who never complete a book, This month and to be precise this week I made a u turn in this. Thanks to your Article again am propelled do even read more. Currently Reading
    1.The science of Getting Rich.
    2.Laws of Prosperity
    3.Rich Dads Guide to investing

    1. Awesome!! Thank you. I am always inspired when someone is blessed by my writing, glad you are taking up the chellenge. I will definitely add those to my list of must read.

  3. I’m also currently engaging in quite a bit of reading. studying a book called the triumphant church by Kenneth Hagin.

    1. Glad you were inspired! You can always create the time in your busy schedule to read. There is always time.

  4. Good challenge,at least am doing a book a month,this month is ‘Days of favour by Chris Atemo .
    ‘Its your time ‘by Joel Osteen is also a good read.

  5. We grow in ways we otherwise wouldn’t by reading widely and wildly too! That reading culture.
    Thanks for the reminder Pesh.
    You could also read Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn by John C. Maxwell, and Lady in Waiting too

  6. I have seen, I have liked and I am sooo subscribing. My current book is ‘Tender Warrior’ by Stu Weber. I mean it is a cracker of abook for every man and for his woman as well.
    I like your blog, it is so fresh. You officially have a new follower

  7. Amazing stuff. I am going back to read. At times the busy schedule makes me procrastinate to read, thanks for reminding me. Share what you learnt about reading a chapter or two.

    Check the richest man in Babylon
    The millionaire next door
    Inbox me for more, I have various categories ranging from psychology, religion, Buddhism, science, entrepreneurs, communication skills and gestures.

    In addition, watch documentaries my dear. I know many consider it booorring but you gain a looot of insight in all fields. Bye bye series.

    Let me hear your views.

    1. I know time can be of essence but we can make time to read. I will definitely be sharing my update on a few things that i have learnt later on. Thanks for the feedback, i will check the books out.

  8. Good stuff indeed. I love reading too though completing the books is the challenge. I could use some suggestions as well.
    Reading a chapter a day will make 30 chapters a month.
    Thanks a lot for the inspiration. continue the good work. Cheers 🙂

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