Heey lovely person!!! Oh its been a minute since i last shared  my two cents but here i am :). I took some time off to review my vision of why i started blogging as well as to get my creative juices working. I had that moment when i got to ask myself, ‘is this really what i want to do? And if it is, why am i doing it. ‘Most times we don’t get to ask WHY, when knowing why is what keeps you in going.

Anyway moving on swiftly to today’s post. Shopping!! Every creative journey, from creating that perfect wardrobe to achieving the perfectly cooked stake , begins at shopping. I know going out for shopping can be a little intimidating for some of us but does it always have to? We sure can make it fun by having that one item that is perfect for the en devour. The soko bag is not only the perfect fit, but it also comes with a whole load of advantages.

The world is going green and our country is slowly but surely catching up with this reality. Soko bag is made of a combo of interesting African prints that blend togetherrand hence make it a statement piece. The base is made of up-cycle leather that gives it a firm stand and the straps are sturdy enough to carry the weight. Since it’s essentially meant to be that one bag that fits all, it doesn’t come with a fastening . It , however , has inside pockets that can securely fit your money purse or phone.

In the past few days i have been carrying some heavy luggage with the soko bag and its been coming in handy. You can also use it as a beach bag or hand luggage bag when travelling. Its one of those bags that could be a perfect hideout for toddlers too. 😀

What i love most about this bag is there are no two bags! Grab yours HERE and lets be uniquely different.  Stay blessed.

Soko shopper bag : Blackflydesigns at Ksh 2000

Photography: olympusdigitalcamera

Model: Joycegrace

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  1. Great idea ..especially now that plastic paper bags will soon be no more ..

    “…it always seems impossible until it’s done”

    Good stuff!
    I’m proud of you girl?

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