3 DAY CHALLENGE : look 1


Happy new month everyone!!

The sun is finally out * celebration danc
e* !!! For us here in the sub-sahara it is about time we took out those lovely pieces hidden in our closets and get all dressed up for the weather. I  will surely miss the cold season though. I have to admit i fancy the idea of layering up clothes just to feel all warm and cozy.

Anyway, speaking of lovely pieces, hats are one of the pieces in an outfit that do not go unnoticed. There are diverse types and they all enhance an outfit depending on the styling.  Fedora hats have of late become a common hog for most people. They add  simplicity and make an outfit effortlessly chic. I came across this fedora hat while walking on the streets i knew i had to get it. Its simplicity and uniqueness drove me to make a purchase and i was ecstatic about my first hat purchase.


As promised, i will show you  three ways of styling my all time favorite leather oxfords and i also figured why not do a combo with the fedora as well. For this look  I paired a simple striped top  with a black and gold sateen skirt and finished off with the oxfords and the fedora hat. Stay tuned for two more looks. Thank you for reading and let me know what you think about the look. Stay blessed.



Photos by : Mwasphotography & Memzclickit

Fedora Hat : Goshen market / Shoes : Toy market / Top and skirt : Gift / Necklace : Zahara Designs



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