Hello lovely people. If  hope you go that favorite hat that you have always wanted and it is serving you well; if you are into hats that is. The purchase is always the easy part but what is of utmost importance is  the care of the item to ensure it serves you longer. One of the common mistakes we make is storing the hat on its brim. With time the brim loses shape as a result of carrying the weight of the hat and the aftermath is a not so flattering hat that i am pretty sure no one would want to wear. So what is the best way if storing it? Simply place it on a hook.

I decided to create a vintage look for this last outfit by pairing a pair of culotte with a vest top and an overlay top and finished of with a pair of oxfords and felt fedora. This look is perfect for a casual, laid back kinda day and it brings me to an end of the three day challenge look. I could sure use some comments, suggestions on this look or all of the three and what else you would like me to feature. As always stay blessed. 🙂



Photos by: Mwasphotography & Memziclickit

Culotte: Gifted / Fedora hat : Goshen market/ Vest: Adams arcade / Overlay top: Adams arcade /Oxford Shoes: Toy Market  Bracelet: Gift

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  1. absolutely stunning….you are shining and getting brighter each moment!! keep it up….waiting eagerly for some inspired guys’ stuff….

  2. Hats are a good accessory for any outfit but they need to be picked out carefully. You’ve got nice taste and choice of colour. Keep it up!

  3. Thank you for the piece. Other than oxford shoes which other shoes best fit this kind of outfit?
    I feel i need advice on how to rock a maxi skirt.

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