Its been way too long since i last posted and i apologies to you guys for that.  Since i started working for one of the most amazing designers i have met who goes by the name Ruth Abade of Blackfly Designs i have come to learn so much about  designing accessories, making fabrics and lots more . I  am so grateful for the opportunity to keep learning something new daily from someone who is self taught in the fashion field. I admit i am always tempted to jot down everything she says as we work, but thank God for my fast processing ;). I bet now you know what has been taking up my time 🙂



Onto my little secret behind these amazing, or so i think, necklaces. I  made these during my last semester’s accessory unit, and to be honest, its was one of my best fashion units. After lots of brainstorming on what to make, i finally got a light bulb on  making a neck-piece out of key holders ring and small rings. So, i first looped rings  onto each other while  creating a pattern and after a lengthy process, i ended up with the chunk pattern. As for the bracelet, i decided to go all in with the key holder rings. The bracelet can also be worn as a necklace, but i preferred the former for this look.

I decided to go with a simple black top and blue jeans so as to  draw the attention of the look to  the jewellery. As the shoot progressed i figured, why not throw in a snap-back to complete the street look,and i admit i  had fun with it.






I hope you are keeping warm and staying blessed as always. Thank you for reading and remember the biggest room in the world is the room for self-improvement 🙂

Photos by : Mwas Photography

Necklace/Bracelet- Selah Collection




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  1. Goodness Pesh the accessories are on point.They are unique.and everyone wants to grab my earrings. By the way show them the earings you design.

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