Happy New Year:). I am super excited about this year and i am sure you are too. Before i start dishing out what i plan for this year, let me take you through the year that was. On my end it was one of the most challenging year not forgetting the risks involved. Remember how you sat down and wrote a number of resolutions and goals with so much excitement and the ‘I will accomplish’ mentality? Well i do. But what we don’t anticipate are some of challenging experiences that come our way to make us get out of our comfort zones.

Starting this blog was one of my major hallmarks of 2016. At first i was double minded about it and i had these questions like ‘what am i going to blog about? will people understand what i am doing ?’ kept crossing my mind .I am, however, glad i took a bold step to create this platform to share my thoughts,ideas and some of my work with you. To be honest, i didn’t quite know what to expect but through every blog post i have learnt so much and i continue to grow in various aspects. I am so grateful you, yes you reading this, and to everyone who continues to help me in this blogging journey. This new year promises to be a great one and be sure i be sharing with you my journey and the experiences i’ll encounter.


This clutch was my first attempt with denim and fabric. I loved how the tie-dye fabric blended with the up-cycled  denim fabric. I decided to wear this white top with black buttons details and navy blue pants and accessorized with gold jewelry.






So you know, this year has so much goodness lined up for you so be sure to keep engaged:) . Stay blessed.

Photos by: Mwasphotography

Pants: Thrifted / Top: Thrifted / Clutch: Selah Collection /Shoes: Adams Arcade /Earrings: Selah Collection




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  1. I am pleased by the commencement of this great work…. I can obviously wait for more….. Mostly looking forward to dresses from wedding to office wear…… Ama vipi!!!

  2. Hey Patience, wishing you lots of success with all your creative endeavours. And I’m really liking your sleeveless waist coat, I love how sleeveless waist coats make casual outfits that more chic. Have a lovely Sunday ( :

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