_MG_9186The many days and nights i spent making this clutch bag *sigh*. The story behind this bag goes way back when i was in my second year during a weaving class. The many people who have had an experience with last minute rush with their final projects, can identify with me on this one. Making it involves twinning the thread on a loom, making sure that you follow the pattern correctly otherwise you will have to start all over again. I, however, managed to finish and present it for marking with the rest of  the other projects that i will be sharing with you soon.


My love for black is beyond expressing…its too much!!!! You can never go wrong with an all black outfit whether its casual or official. It is however most flattering on a plus size figure as it makes it look slimmer, but i am not one to follow all the fashion rules.I paired the clutch bag with a pencil skirt and a black and white chiffon top that i especially love for its lace detail at the neckline, and i finished off the look with a pair of white stilettos. I also added a pair of silver earrings with red buttons that i made.







Did you know you are the reflection of your thoughts? Yes, you heard me. So the next time you look at yourself on a mirror and don’t like what you see, just simply change your thoughts and think positively :). Love you all and thanks for stopping by.

Photos by MwasPhotography

Clutch Bag      – Selah Collections

Earrings        – Selah Collections

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