It’s spring time!!!! Well i am not certain if we get to experience spring in this part of the sub-sahara, but i sure love how the trees bud and blossom with beautiful flowers. I especially love it when the roads are decorated by purple jacaranda flowers of nearby jacaranda trees. Absolute beauty!

I have grown to fancy striped tops and sweaters. They work so well with any base color outfit. I, being a petite, mostly gravitate towards horizontal stripes because they widen my upper part. I usually just throw on a solid black or blue pair of jeans or a black skirt to finish the look.

Not once in my wildest imagination would i have thought of pairing this batik and African print skirt with a striped top. I had actually opted to pair it with a jungle green top which picks up the green color from the skirt, and then i thought why not try out the skirt with the striped top ? The result had me completely sold!

I love how the white from the striped top picks up the white from the prints on the skirt and creates a uniform look. The stripes, being neutral, also complements the business of the prints to create a perfect balance. As for the accessories, i opted for a white pair of heels, a beaded choker and a pair of white studded earrings.

Here are a few tips to note:

  • When pairing, its always safer to chose stripes that compliment your body shape. If petite, horizontal stripes or wide vertical stripes work well. If full figured,vertical stripes or diagonal stripes work well as they draw the eyes downwards hence creating an illusion of narrowing your shape.
  • Opt for smaller prints if trying out for the first time as they are easier to pair with any outfit and compliment all body shapes.
  • To create an overal chic look, go for accessories that pick one color from the outfit.

I hope this few tips give you the courage to try out the combo. What other tips would you have on mixing stripes and prints? Do leave a comment below and as always stay blessed.

Photography by Kayuyumwaura

Top: Thrifted (Gikomba)

Skirt: Blackflydesigns

Shoes : Gift

Earrings: Selahcollection

Chocker: Diy

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