The door opens. You walk into a room full of people. Everyone turns and now all eyes are on you. Within the first five seconds everyone is forming an impression of you based on how you look. We are later left wondering, is my dressing really that important?

It most certainly is.  In whatever field or work or study you are in, its vital to dress for success. This is  because we are addressed the way we dress, whether we like it or not. I realized this is true the moment i started investing in how i look. I used to dress like a tomboy for the most part of my growing up until i joined campus and met friends who decided to do a little makeover on my look and with time got to develop my style.

It is true that birds of a feather flock together. People, and i am pretty sure you too, like to identify yourself with someone who is smartly dressed. I bet its because everyone gravitates towards success. You don’t really have to borrow a loan or sell your belongings just to get that expensive dress or suit. Its just a matter of investing in information on where to get cheaper fashion items and then the most important part is how you wear them.

I decided to write this post to encourage someone and myself that if you want to be the best in your field then you have to look the part by dressing sharp and smart. What are some of the other ways you can dress for success? Feel free to share you comments below. Have a success filled week ahead and always stay blessed.


Photography : Joris

Skirt by Blackflydesigns

Top : Thrifted

Shoes: Thrifted

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  1. nice article, for me also I would just say that expensive clothing is not really the it just as you pointed but well fitted clothing can bring out all admirable characteristics of whoever you are or want

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