Hi there lovely person!! First things first i would like to thank each and every one of you who made my recent birthday special. Thank you for your kind words, they brought so much joy accompanied by lots of tears but all in all the most important thing is that i know i am loved and appreciated:) :*

Today’s post i decided to go all mushy and write a little note to myself, not that i am trying to be shake-spear or anything but i would most certain want to read some of his work in the future, but i digress. So here  it goes;

Here is to believing that ‘I am possible’ because i am backed up by God and there is no such thing as ‘impossible.’

Here is to accepting nothing short of the best even if it means getting out of my comfort zone once in a while.

Here is to scaling new heights and facing new mountains and giants with a shield of faith.

Here is to remaking history by leaving the shadow of past successes and creating new ones.

Here is to standing up for what i believe in and voicing it out to silence doubting voices.

Here is seeing and living in the future, not in the days to come, but in the seconds to come.

Here is to taking new risks and bracing myself for all the new opportunities they bring.

Here is to maintaining a smile because it uses less muscles and life can sometimes be way to serious.

Here is to learning, learning and more learning.

Here is to loving more, caring more and giving more because what’s life without people?

Here is to a new year, yes a year that i bring into all the things i desire.

I would definitely want to know if the note relates to you in one way or the other, so feel free to leave a comment below. As always, stay blessed 🙂

Photography by Ben

Top and pants : Thrifted

Shoes: Adams arcade

Bag: Gift





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  1. i love the article so much. it is inspiring at the same time a challenge to everyone to make them better a better self

  2. By your words… you speak volumes… bright life awaits you. You represent the kind of pipo we need to take this country far.

    Knowledge,beauty and elegance… that combination alone is a Blessing from God.

  3. This is amazing ?? “Here is to believing that ‘I am possible’ because i am backed up by God and there is no such thing as ‘impossible.”

  4. I couldn’t help but nod to every sentence I read! I love this piece, and I do relate with it at this moment and time in my life.
    I feel really blessed by it :). Thank you Pesh!

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