As i sit down to write this post, this query crops up. How many times do opportunities came to us and quickly pass us by just because we do not man up to the challenge?

Yes, you may not be the most equipped, skilled, gifted or even have the most money or influence but what  we all have is something no price value can be attached to, the mind. Your mind is your capital and i know this may sound cliche but it truly is true. Its all you have use to face the challenge head on.

Just recently i tried out a styling competition show for one of the local television station. Before even applying for it i felt somewhat under qualified, but i just decided to try my shot. While undertaking the challenge, did i know what i was doing? Well sort of. But was i the most skilled in the room, probably not. When we got to the judging, first of all i was truly honored to be in the presence of some of the top stylists and style icons in the country. I defended my styling with gusto and even though i wasn’t the winner, the experience was worthwhile. The feedback i got from the judges was something money cannot buy.


To cut the long story short, i manned up to the challenge and i gave myself a tap at the back afterwards. Those seemingly ‘giant’ opportunities are just mirages. Something i have come to learn is you have nothing to lose for trying out. Just go for it.

For my look , I decided to channel some androgyny  to match up with the topic of discussion. I paired a crisp white shirt with a pair of cropped chino pants. I then added a panama hat to enhance the look and finished off with flat shoes and a necklace just to add a pop of color.

What challenge will you man up to? Would love to hear from you so do leave a comment below. Thank you for stopping by and as always stay blessed.



Photography Kayuyumwaura

Shirt & Chinos: Thrifted (Gikomba)

Shoes: Takatifushoes

Necklace: A shop in town

Hat: Dad’s 🙂


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  1. Very inspiring……, Very applicable in everything that God puts before us. We are the winners with Christ Jesus and northing should stop us from achieving the Best.

  2. Get the journey to be a digital artist constantly on the move. Let no one use my work as the cocreator without appreciating/paying me. From now on, it doesnt matter if you’re my friend/family. I’ll have to man up.

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