#selah 2: KEEP WALKING


‘What am in doing with my life?’ Its a question that has probably crossed your minds at one point in time, or someone asked you and we were left pondering.

Things are changing so fast in today’s world that it becomes so easy to look at everything else happening around you and finally end up wondering, ‘am i good enough?Am i really doing enough with my life?’ I have, for the most part, been there..you know the usual stalking on the internet at who is doing what, where they have been lately etc, and i am left wondering perhaps i am not doing enough. Perhaps there is something more i need to do to get there faster right? WRONG!!

Have you also noticed that when this query arises suddenly you seem to forget all that you have achieved thus far? It becomes so easy to dismiss even the smallest of achievements and you end up complaining about what you’d have become, or what you’d have done if only you had this and that. Yet, the thought comes as a mere distraction trying to stop you on your tracks or worse take you back a few steps back. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 quotes “in everything give thanks.. ” But do we really take time to give thanks? The mindset and attitude we ought to have is that of thanksgiving for where we are today, as we keep striving for where we want to be.

Today i was just reminded of one virtue that is still yet to be perfected in me,  which by the way happens to be my other name, PATIENCE. It takes lots of patience to be consistent at what you do and believe in even when there seems to be no results. It takes patience.

Today’s actions are tomorrows realities. Hence lets keep walking and striving patiently towards that great person we were created to be and it will be just a matter of time before the world gets to know and experience our greatness.  But most importantly enjoy the journey.

With love..





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  1. Good read, I’m mos def going through a ‘Where am I going moment?’ and I’m trying to balance that with what I’ve achieved this year but its hard…sometimes its easier to get stuck on the glass being half empty than full. ( :

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