Hello there! Have you heard of the latest reality show in town? You know the one that is the first of its kind in Kenya that highlights Stylists as professionals of the fashion industry? Yes..no? Okay let me fill you in just in case the buzz didn’t get to you. Ebru Tv is currently airing up an amazing show called Rate My Style. You can watch it every Wednesday evening from 7:30pm. It is hosted by the beautiful Noni Gathoni photographed below.

It’s a show where 6 of Kenya’s upcoming stylists battle it out for the coveted price of hosting their own style TV show on Ebru TV. Every week, there is a new style challenge, a winner and a panel of judges who decide what’s hot, what’s not and which stylists are to be sent home packing! The esteemed judges are all seasoned fashion industry players.

From Left: Lucia Musau, Lady Mandy, Frankie Kenyan Stylista, Sheena Frida.

A while back i got an opportunity to be a part of competition and then wrote this article for Your London Belle blog, but i kinda forgot to share it with you. Yes! I finally made it to Tv!!! 🙂 Anyway allow me to enlighten you on how it goes down before you see the models strutting great outfits on your screens:

  • We, the stylists, are first given the chance to pick our models. The choice of model can make or break you if you don’t end up dressing them according to their size and shape.
  • After our make-up is done professionally, we film a short video to introduce ourselves to the viewers. This is where you try and master all the confidence you have and give it your all.
  • What follows is the announcement of the style challenge by Winnie Odande, one of Kenya’s top fashion stylists. She is our style mentor and makes sure we are thinking through our outfits in relation to the challenge. She guides the stylists after they have picked the clothes and accessories, on some leads to follow.
  • Stylists then have a 15-minute time window to dress their models. A quick scramble for clothes, accessories and shoes follows with a quick change by the models. We then fit, try, change, accessorize, swap and do whatever is necessary to nail the look.

My fellow stylists and I at the judging session in Episode 4



The theme for the day was ‘Girls night out.’ We got a variety of clothes, shoes and accessories to choose from, but as with every competition, there was a catch! Garments and accessories were distributed on a first come first serve basis. The stylist’s fate is literally in your own hands. Grab and Go!



Looks put together by each stylist.


At this point, all the creative juices you have must come to play, as you work to bring out the vision of the inspiration you have. The judges always ask about the source of inspiration for the look, so we had to ensure the hair and make-up on the model complimented the outfit as well as is practical to the challenge.

Well, these are just some of the behind the scenes details that the audience watching at home do not get to see. I am hoping from now on as you catch the proceeding episodes, you will at least appreciate the effort that goes into all the final looks.

Rate My Style airs every Wednesday from 7:30pm. Below is a series of links to help you catch up on the Episode featured and see the winning outfit by Your London Belle. Thank you for stopping by. Stay blessed.





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