IMG_20160724_151855Lovely people, guess who just added one more year to her life today!!!!!!!! * happy dance* Oh i cannot even begin to explain how excited i am. Anyway excitements aside lemme reflect back on how far i have come .

There is just so much i am grateful to God for. Trying to imagine and leave alone writing down all that He has enabled me to achieve would require many days and papers. But allow me to highlight some people that have made me who have impacted and made me be who i am today.

We never choose the family we come from but if i was given a chance to, i wouldn’t chose any other. I am the last born in a family of five with two elder brothers, and with that said i have certainly been raised to be strong and to always go for what i want..or else i’ll end up having the remains (the scenario of food comes to mind LOL). The love and support from my family has made me be where i am today and who i am. I am ever challenged to better daily and to do more.

In my life i have met and come across so many people from all works of life, but i am ever grateful for having met my mentor, life-coach and teacher ( Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome Dsc. Dd). He has taught me so much and helped me find my purpose in life. Most of all, two statements that have stuck with me that he quoted are: ‘a true champion wins for others and not for themselves’ and ‘success is impacting my world with the investment of your personality.’These prolific statements drive me to invest in my self the more and to always be open to see a need and meet it.

The impossibilities became  real the moment i took a bold step of faith to study fashion because in my wildest dreams i wouldn’t have chosen it as my career .Well,  I am not in a position to say that i have learnt all there is to know about this new world glamour and creativity, but the much i have learnt and done is totally worth it. A quote comes to mind that i once heard ‘ impossibilities is just but an opinion” and trust me it truly is. All this has been, and still is being made possible by the friends that i am blessed to have. What an honor to have met such gems. Thank you..yes you.. for sharpening me and driving me to bring out the best in me.

p.s..today’s look was inspired by all this words and emotions in mind. To a new year full of exploits!!

With Love..


Photography by Julie Mong’are .

Jacket– Gift / Chino- Gift /  Top – Thrift /Shoes – Ngara / Necklace – Gift






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